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Anyone who is planning to go to Germany for their studies, work, family reunion etc., can apply for a Blocked Account. Also students living in Germany, who is applying for visa extension can also apply for a Blocked Account with us.
Yes, allyWays is approved by German Federal Foreign office. Therefore, all the confirmation documents issued by us are accepted by the German Embassies / Consulates and the Foreigner’s Office (Ausländerbehörde) for your residence permit.
Yes, we can open a Blocked Account for you even if you are under 18. Please note that we might need some additional documents in such situation. You will be informed via email if we need any additional information.
Don’t worry, even if your account does not have any funds, we do not close the account automatically. Therefore, there is no time limit to transfer the funds. You can transfer funds anytime to your Blocked Account. If we notice that your account is inactive for longer period (more than 12 months), we will contact you to decide if you still need the account or not.
You are welcome to contact us via email ( or use the online form or give us a call (+49 (0)40 5393 1748) during our office hours (Mon - Fri 09:00 to 18:00). We are also happy to receive you in our office at (Hamburger Str, 182, 22083 Hamburg)
We pride ourselves to maintain a fast response time. During our office hours it could vary between 2 hrs to 8 hrs. Please note that we make end our day at 18:00 and resume reading the emails next working day at 09:00.
Our customer support team is multilingual. You can write to us in German, Spanish, Russian, French, Korean and Chinese. Please note that the response time could be a bit slower if you write to us in any of the above languages as not each customer support team member speak all the languages ;-)
Please note that we do not have any representation outside Germany. We communicate with our customers only directly via
Your account will be held at either BNP Paribas S.A (Frankfurt) or Postbank.  These two are well established large banks in Germany
No, there are no monthly charges for the Blocked Account.
We charge only €99 for 12 months for the Blocked Account. In our allWays PRO package the charge is just €59 without any monthly charges.
Sperrfreigabe is the confirmation letter provided by the German consulate / Authorities allowing us to refund the blocked funds if you are not travelling to Germany or going back from Germany..
You can write us to about things that need to be changed. We will then make the necessary changes in your application.
In case you want to cancel your application, you can write us to