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AllyWays Blocked Account

The allyWays Blocked Account is one of the most affordable solutions for your visa application needs. It has various benefits and takes only a few minutes to apply for.
Key Facts
  • Just €99 without any monthly charges.

  • Receive your Blocked Account confirmation within 2 hours

  • BEST overall pricing. 2nd. year extension at just €60 / year

  • Approved by German Federal Foreign Office

  • Accepted by all German Embassies and Consulates.

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Quick & Seamless Service
Open your Blocked Account in minutes and receive your confirmation
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Easy Sign-Up Process
Just enter your basic details to open your Blocked Account on our portal.
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Affordable Digital Solution
One of the best rates in the market with no hidden charges
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Trustworthy & Secure
Comes with a €100,000 depositor guarantee
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Normally it takes around 2 hours during our working hours. In any case, we will open the Blocked Account within the same day (working day).
We require only your passport to open a Blocked Account. But for some Nationals, our bank require an additional identification document (Driving license, National ID etc.,).
You can block any amount as per your / Embassy requirement. For the latest requirement on the monthly blocked amount, please visit the website of German Embassy / Consulate in your home country.
You can transfer funds through any local bank or forex services to the Blocked Account. We also work with local, international partners to support you to transfer funds.
You can activate the Blocked Account by linking your current account details. Once activated, the first payout will be paid within 2 - 5 days working.
You can simply write to us at
You can simply write to us at
We charge just €60 as an extension fee for 12 months.We do not need any additional documents for extension
In case of Visa rejection, you need to send us the visa rejection letter by email to initiate the closing and refund.
For all other situations, you need to send us the confirmation from the consulate (Sperrfreigabe) to refund your funds.
We will transfer your blocked amount to the account where the funds originally came from.